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马云儿子病逝|45号精密光亮管Rare opportunities, tardif and zhou tai how to let go, is about to chase, a few guan yu QinBing rushed up, directly into the legs of the horse, hard to stop the two people, can only watch guan yu to escape."Wait?" Pang tong nodded. "It 's also a way. Jingzhou should be in chaos now. Even if liu bei didn' t want to be distracted by kongming, he couldn 't hide the news for too longSide of Kong Rong smell speech, also can only sigh, nothing to say, let Liu Xie back to life, that is no doubt their own hit their face, the han is already weak majesty, will finally be beaten up by themselves.

The formation of jiangdong army, was rushed to smash, these jiangdong soldiers in jingzhou soldiers dauntless death charge, have chills, began to retreat.These words alone, has been enough to explain, opposite wei under the army even put aside weapons, armor, is also a worthy of the elite, let zhuge liang worry more, the army into shu, obviously not lyu3 bu4 under any expenditure name of elite.A group of savage troops roared out of the mountains and woods, shouting weiyan don't understand the strange tune, armed with bow and arrow knife and gun, against the rattan shield toward wei.马云儿子病逝|Zhuge liang shook his head, pang tong between the lines of the strands of pride on paper, and if something really went wrong in chengdu, pang tong probably didn't have time to bullshit with himself here.

马云儿子病逝|"So this war, to make a quick decision, if you send someone to inform liu bei, our army can fully help him, after the jiangdong, jiangdong belongs to him, but jiangdong hoarded hay, I want 70%!" Cao cao sink track, at the beginning of the year and lyu3 bu4 a big battle, cao cao loss is serious, hay deficit, if the next year lyu3 bu4, cao cao even sent troops are unable to get together."Here!" A group of people slightly bent down, after a gift to lyu3 bu4, under the leadership of the next person to eat in the back hall."Dang dang dang ~" many soldiers caught off guard, was the axe hit on the body, the axe is different from the arrow cluster, although not willing to shoot, but the destructive force is very big, foot soldiers plate armor did not play a lot of role, many people were directly killed by the axe on the spot, see Wei Yanxin blood, but at the moment, the other side of the soldiers have arrived.

Anyway, at present deyang and even the whole shu terrain, crossbow power can't play to the maximum, and they are now to take a defensive rather than offensive, there are hundreds of shu army has enough to let zhuge liang headache."Wen-ho, what do you think?" Boring, lyu3 bu4 twist a head to look aside in the old god giffin, had to admire the guy's steady force, this quarreled for three days, giffin from beginning to end is such a look.Now guan yu break wood mulberry, even cut jiangdong generals, also calculate to help liu bei gave a sigh of relief, but now the situation, although guan yu, but liu bei faintly feel a little wrong, so deep down, guan yu will become a lone army.马云儿子病逝|





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