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鑫光大刘洋|绿华园"The Lord speaks highly, and the villain cannot be called a master." The middle-aged man called master pu bowed humbly."I ordered all tribes to gather as soon as possible. This time, Ben shan yu will personally supervise the battle and drive lv bu out of hetao!" Liu bao a face fierce ground say.Back and forth, a day of time in these tedious things passed, until the evening, lv bu met the princess, in a group of people surrounded by the vast back to the general riding hussars house.

While speaking, it is a take off the bow, toward the baby eagle is an arrow, the arrow is like a meteor, and the timing is just right, it is the moment the baby eagle hovering in the air.After so big school field, it is residential area, not big place, the house that the house that sergeant lives and craftsman people is rampart however, jia xu sees much knowledge, see this small army village is decorated unexpectedly according to nine palace eight trigrams position, make a fuss about between spite, secret sentinel also quite.Earth kang is a good way, but don't expect anyone living in a modern city to know how it works.鑫光大刘洋|"Ma 'am, she looks more composed than usual to-day." Li ru looked at lu lingqi standing in the wind with a cold face and a surprised look in her eyes.

鑫光大刘洋|In the sound of a clear horse's hoarse voice, the light reflected by the massacre could be seen in the distance. By the side of the massacre, on the way back to linrong city, a group of three hundred han troops was standing in front of the water at the side of the massacre."Watch me! Shake the leg of sheep in the hand, young stand up, toward the place that holds qiang people captive past.Next, the princess was sent into the bridal chamber, lv bu but also accept the public toast, fete guests from afar, even with yuan shao, cao cao there is hatred, but at this time, people sent to the messenger can not neglect.

The eagle took a look at the slice of meat in lv bu's hand, looked at lv bu again, and twisted his head to the other side.Er... Unconsciously, and thought of the military affairs, let lv bu quite embarrassed, see did not cause the attention of the sable cicada, will this matter silently remember in the heart, after all, now the site is large, if you can have a pigeon type of communication tools many things will be convenient, in a moment to let Chen gong zhang list to find this kind of talent.鑫光大刘洋|




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