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好大啊好深还要的黄文|欧卡诺丰胸Falling in that night, grant to tired soldiers, has sent several teams out of the city drumming, d can't live in peace, and then with zhang he led three thousand cavalry and five thousand troops out of the city night attack d camp, falling in grant command army out of the city at night, to the direction of huguan.TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI smell speech, at the same time step forward, hand way: "I am willing to accompany Timuzhen adults together."Sheep are kept, With a woman, And even xianbei king's court, The temuzhen adult is also respected, plus the huns and some unsatisfactory small tribes, the huns tribe has just been established, there is a growing trend of prosperity, so that countless huns see hope, perhaps one day, with temuzhen adult, really can reproduce the fierce power and glory of the huns megatron grassland.

"Be careful, the beggars don't come well this time." Qui's head was heavy."Where is Temujin now?" Qui-head smell speech picked up eyebrows, twist a head to ask: "He knows this matter?"Hetao, linrong, when lyu3 bu4 learned that Addis had left the news is ten days later.好大啊好深还要的黄文|"It's all right." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, roared, people have become a lot of refreshing, smiling at a face of confusion XiongKuoHai and Zhou Cang: "Before someone said to me, unhappy, just roar, the mood will be much cheerful, indeed very effective."

好大啊好深还要的黄文|"What does it say, sir?" Several QinWei looked at xu togeher holding the hand of the letter constantly shaking, couldn't help but ask curiously."What?" Didn't expect to just to ease the atmosphere of the problem, but falling in to grant such a big response."Just now the army has no food to send, continue to carry on, I'm afraid in three days, our army will mutiny!" Cao cao a face of helpless wry smile.

"The Silver Fox tribe has also appeared!" Another exclamation, step root hurriedly come out, twist a head around, but see two directions, almost at the same time a wolf smoke, TaBaJi powder crazy, attack two tribes at the same time, how many military forces he has?Wei yan looked at the jun quickly returned to meng jin, helplessly a sigh, a hold on chen xing horses, looking at chen xing gradually dim down the face, sigh a way: "general chen can have last words?""Tall?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the document, this is Chen Gong personally written.好大啊好深还要的黄文|




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