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沈永刚陕西融和集团"You want me to be your student?" Lv bu narrowed his eyes and looked left."Kill ~" the distance, shout kill sound already more and more close, the hun language that does not understand is mixed with the slogan that surrender does not kill, the complexion of all people suddenly big change, although know the army in the city is difficult to block lv bu, but also did not expect to come so fast."Lv bu!" Xu chu looked at the more xi tragic, bloodshot eyes, tiger roar toward lu bu rushed over.

Chapter 26 competition"Ye cheng is strong. After all, our three armies and horses are not one. Why not attack the city gate and attack it together? Guo jia stood up with a smile, looked at yuan shang and yuan tan, and smiled and said, "of course, my Lord said that we have come here only to settle disputes and will not occupy jizhou. Even if our army takes the lead in the destruction of the city, it will not occupy ye city.Pang tong hesitated, for a long time, pang tong slowly opened his eyes, looked at li ping, his voice also showed a indifference, turned his head to look at the wu long way: "wuhai, you go to inform the department of justice, collect information.沈永刚Zhang Feike more than one people, behind him, also follow one teenager, meiqingmuxiu, however the gas with a tough, in the hands of a sword, it seems, quite a few minutes of guan yu bearing, only without the guan yu to be sharp, to see his uncle in the battle with the enemy, afraid of the other party advance cavalry, surround zhang fei, tucked some routed soldiers fled, and went to the jingzhou quickly for a flyby array.

沈永刚The gates of yecheng opened with a roar. Ma dai came out with ma tie and thousands of cavalry."Stand! Stand!" Yuan is pale, he didn't expect to in lu bu had just experienced a tragic ambush and after an ambush, also can to react in such a short period of time the brazen, in the face of sudden enveloped, step at that time I don't know how to deal with, can only panic waving arms, perhaps even he doesn't know the meaning of these gestures."How? Want to give up?" Lv bu surprised to see li shuxiang.A huge flash of lightning exploded over ye cheng, bringing brief white porridge to the dim sky and earth, and dense rain fell, but the atmosphere in the hall was still and terrible.

It also represents a signal of danger, cao cao and lombardi after the battle of guandu, in whose case, who also do not have reached some consensus, want lyu3 bu4 this unstable factors out first, because two is probably now close situation, and lu bu, have apparently can't like before the battle of guandu neglected, if the two sides equal again, lyu3 bu4 will inevitably become the situation around a huge unrest, and zhang yan in this case, the heart will naturally more inclined to the alliance between the yuan cao.Lyu3 bu4 really bad?Chen gong looked at pang tong and shook his head with a smile. "shi yuan, come and help me," he said.沈永刚




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