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mmy植发东风平板货车Chapter 62 pound VS guan yu"Why...... "After determining the true and false character, gao shuncai life switch, put these soldiers in, looking at a big waist round soldiers in the western regions, gao shun dont understand the way."The crossbowmen retreat! Gao shun waved and indicated that the crossbow soldiers on the shield started to retreat, while the broken crossbow started to retreat under the protection of the sword and shield.

"Almost." Lyu3 bu4 came to the hall central, a square foot before have a post, the sand, the sand table is a few construction master spent more than half a year's time, simulated in luoyang area model, sand table, cao cao's position has been set up a camp, look at the tiger fastened shut terrain, lyu3 bu4 shake head a way: "to play again, meng-de cao himself first get themselves residue."Sun yi, however, with nothing wrong, picked himself up, took the long gun handed to him, pointed it at huang zhong, and said sharply, "old carcase, don't tell me I cheated you, can you dare to compare weapons with me?"Their shorts in the heart to turn over, originally also worry about the proposal will be a milan head smoke accepted, now, himself is worry about a white, the apparently fell into Qian Yaner, gone with the root cause, ha, is lyu3 bu4 have said such a thing, milan, daring is not generally big, please, this scheme is not good, evil ways, this kind of thing, sometimes really self-taught, especially in milan so a faint master, it is really like a duck to water.mmy植发'just so! Liu xun and shi yi, sun jing nodded at the same time, to tell the truth, whether put on the body of cao cao or liu bei, they are not assured, but can not refute, after all, they are now two powerful princes, but also the main force of this expedition, here, in addition to cao liu, other people really do not have much say.

mmy植发After swearing bitterly in his heart as the women drew nearer, ford took a knife from his waist and thrust it into the horse's hip.< / p > < p > xia houyuan swept a look around the face of grateful cao jun, not from the heart of a bitter smile, the best result, I am afraid it is only a tragic victory and even interloper.Zhang fei complexion some ugly come in, but see zhuge liang is on the map fidgeting with what, the heart can not help have spirit, exasperated way: "strategist, this central plains war has been nearly half a year, the eldest brother and the second elder brother they are in the front line fight for life and death, we are here do not move, you say, want to attack shu? Why haven't they done it yet?"

"Arrogance! < / p > < p > sun yi complexion a black, looking at jiangdong, is zhou tai, tai shi ci these generals dare not look down on him so, the old man, dare to put this wild words, today is not to kill, also want to give the old man a lesson, also called the world hero know, jiang dong not only small overlord sun ce, and his sun yi."Lv bu, you dare not respect your majesty!" Trapped on the ground by two nighthawks, ford looked up and glared at lu bu."Thank you, master! The nighthawk's face flashed with relief and he bowed and nodded.mmy植发




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