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公共场所耻辱h调教全文|生日蛋糕盒生产厂家This time, lu bu's hussar and guard were reduced to less than a hundred men, and cao chun's butch and leopard were even worse. Four hundred men had already passed the round, and they were almost as many as the hussar and guard."How is zhong kang's injury?" For a long time, cao cao raised his head, turned to look at the side of the more xi.Three counsellors are certainly unable to move, but under three, who can be competent? Although lv bu has a lot of yong lianghao talent to cast effect now, but in these talent, lv bu cannot think of however a talent that can be competent for this position.

"Feng li, bad for me! < / p > < p > after the convergence of the three armies, that feng li did not listen to the military order, the enemy rushed in, worse after the ambush of lv bu, yuan shangqi cursed, to cao cao archway: "shang royal under no side, please surrender uncle!""Lyu3 bu4 su4 crazy!" One angry cry, more xi longitudinal horse holding halberd, stopped lu bu's way, also not much talk, a number of orcas ji shadow, toward lu bu thorn.A loud noise, of coppage axe, lyu3 bu4 transfer painting ji in the hands of a party day, gun down the chop to's hands,'s frightened, hurriedly hands that gun, backhand pulled up the waist sword to lu bu, coppage, xu chu also recovered, at the moment and wave weapon to lu bu, and tabled high and Sui yuan into also arrived at this time, high tabled a spear into the lyu3 bu4 chest, Sui yuan into conveniently also lyu3 bu4 retreat to block a gun.公共场所耻辱h调教全文|From stone over, xihe county after this war, also over, gao gan now, can only retreat, retreat to the upper party, continue to deal with lu bu, just with these remnants of the army defeated, how long can deal with? Do not know, dare not think.

公共场所耻辱h调教全文|Chapter 96 chang 'anSilence of the night sky, dilapidated village gate, teams of Montenegro thief patrol to and fro, zhang yan in the war and has its own set of otherwise impossible in Carthage, cao cao also caught between these two governors in living for so many years, in so doing, also to tightens neural tube hai, also belong to a kind of exhausted soldiers, the Cao Caore use this method to deal with lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 may not come to xuzhou, didn't also the rule of northwest of northwest 虓 tiger today.Gu shao nodded silently without answering, and did not ask why it was 60 percent, because you are not the person of someone else, lu bu, willing to put money to you have secretly smiled, want to with lu bu's soldiers, officials enjoy the same treatment, that is a dream.

"It's not, it is said that wang chang 'an technology had the new breakthrough, book print 10 times faster than the past of the not, rumors changan academy has been filled with books, therefore will only be sold to the kanto, my client for me to buy a few steps the analects of Confucius, the spring and autumn there are many, for xing enlightenment, and is said to have an embedded just two big money, in the spring and autumn, the analects of Confucius more expensive, but also only ten big money, said family of giants, is ordinary people, also can afford them." Guan yu shook his head.People like iron!公共场所耻辱h调教全文|




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