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张静初半裸|长江油开户Kuai on the more thinking, the side of CAI MAO suddenly issued a light yi, subconscious eyes along the direction of CAI MAO look.One of the soldiers jumped up to the top of the city, and the shield in his hand was suddenly brandished, leaving a soldier who was about to lift a gun against the enemy with his spear and head smashed into the flesh and blood. The steel knife in his back hand was drawn from his waist.This should be the second time they have met, but the memory is not very good for zhang he.

"Call ~" on lyu3 bu4 body burst out suddenly give a sinister however kill machine: "zhang yan stem of?"Indeed, many of the things lu bu has made out today are not simply the tangled warfare among princes, but the fate of his own fate and tens of millions of people tied together, history, dare to do such a major change and several have a good end.Jia xu life madai several times out of the city to test, also was played back, and even almost more xi seized the gate, after several unsuccessful, lv bu had to temporarily retreat, thinking of countermeasures.张静初半裸|

张静初半裸|< / p > < p > jia xu sent madai to sneak attack, one is to force yuan shang back to the army, two is also to take the opportunity to burn the other side of the siege equipment, ma dai entered yuan ying, in the cut cen wall did not expand the results, but quickly set fire to camp, this yuan shang anger rush to attack, the middle of jia xu.For the world, it is changeable, the battle of guandu unexpected result, the appearance of lyu3 bu4 for zhongyuan governors, and even family, are unexpected misfortune, also make the world turned out to be elusive, the biggest variable nature is lyu3 bu4, harmony cool barren, even lyu3 bu4 then lay the hetao, the western regions, and even the bing, for zhongyuan governors, these places together, may all and not spent on a jizhou rich, so even when lyu3 bu4 occupies a large area, in the eyes of zhongyuan leud and family, lyu3 bu4 is still just a rundown governors."Kill!" < / p > < p > the head of the camp while the other side distracted, at the same time, three shields will be guo yuan firmly pressed on the wall of the tower, the cold blade again and again fierce from the gap in the shield into.

When kong xin saw the bearer, he hurriedly saluted and said, "I have seen Mr. Kang cheng.""Well." Lv bu nodded, after all, The Times are different, artificial rubbings, and is the first time, can make so much to have been very not easy.张静初半裸|




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