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中国最不要脸的国家部门南京灌浆料"Ah, kongming, how did you come out?" Zhang fei looked at his fist, hey hey dry smile back, surprised to see zhuge liang.Soldiers quickly lined a title of generals in ancient times camp, five people in a row, will be in the hands of the bolt to launch out, it is a pity, because did not prepare in advance, so each person only a crossbow box, after shooting, to begin to melee battle, unfortunately, jingzhou army was not as strong as I thought, after see city it was dead in the ground, a large number of jingzhou army began to flee.As JingXiang stability, began to have a large number of talents into liu bei, placed under Liu Pan thoroughly loyalty to liu bei, in addition, there are general family, dejong, coach sealing the counties such as military commanders were under the various ge is bright lobby completely liu bei, and no longer the former soldiers major general of the state, and the counsellor, ma liang, an and demars JingXiang celebrities or watch Mr Kibaki's are official, liu liu bei's strength in a short time development, and the troops after xiangyang closed reduction army, will be around military forces into account, together with liu bei, the original two elite nanyang and jiangxia, liu bei's military forces has exceeded two hundred thousand.

"What does season often think of this man? Zhuge liang did not answer, but asked in reply.Looking at the door, liu bei opened his mouth and finally did not speak."What did you say? ?" Gao yan took a step forward and glared at guan yu.中国最不要脸的国家部门"Rest assured, liu zhang will come to you soon." Fashi smiled.

中国最不要脸的国家部门"Speak!" Liu zhang waved, some impatient road."Shoot arrows! Zhou yu looks at zhang fei, cold humph 1, this time, have half arrow however is rush toward zhang fei.Liu xun also stood up and bowed to cao cao, saying, "before coming down, my father had asked the little man to learn more, to see the power of lv bu's army, or to study the strategy of breaking the enemy."

"I'm afraid what these generals are saying is true." Deng xian frowned. "ling bao I'm afraid... ""Arrow, fire!""Cloud long, how powerful are our crossbows?" "Liu bei asked in anticipation.中国最不要脸的国家部门




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